Top White Hat SEO Tactics of 2019

Search Engine Optimization or simply the SEO is a time-consuming venture, especially that are new to the field. The past few months or a year were particularly tough in this regard. Few new updates hit the market making it tough for the website’s owner to adapt to these new techniques of SEO. In the ever-evolving SEO environment, the importance of white hat SEO tactics has increased further. If you’re not applying tricks or undermine the search engine’s ranking algorithm, you’re doing the white hat. In the below sections, you’ll find the top 5 white hat tactics for SEO rankings.

Satisfy of the User Intent: In order to rank your site among the top sites, your website must satisfy the user intent. Google like to rank those sites higher that satisfy the user intent more often, in other words, your website must contain the data or contents that the online searcher is looking for. There are a few ways to accomplish it. The first way is to determine the right place of your site in the buying process. Are users visiting your site to get informed and convinced of the product? Or are they looking to purchase the product? Develop your website according to the needs of the users. If your users are interested more towards information, upload appropriate information about the products. You can determine the interest of the users or what they are looking for in each niche using the TF* IDF tools.

Give Higher Priority to Mobile Users: The search base has shifted dramatically towards mobile users from the desktop. Observing this, Google started to give more importance towards mobile users in 2016 and now website owners must focus on the mobile-friendly version of their sites to rank their platforms higher in SEO saga. Fortunately, it is not hard to turn your site mobile friendly. You can test your website on a newly released mobile-friendly test app where you can check how much your website is mobile friendly and where more work in needed to do so.

Focus More towards Quality of Content: Quality of the content perhaps is the most important factor in shaping up your site’s SEO ranking. To attract more users or buyers, you must have the appropriate content on your site. Besides the quality of content, Google evaluates some more factors related to your content to rank it high. These factors include:

quality content writing

  • What is the length of the content? It depends on the nature of your content as well.
  • The topic of the content.
  • How old your content is. Keep refreshing content on your site.
  • Keywords distribution can also play an important role.

Give High Priority to User Experience: Google is too sensitive towards user experience on its platform. If users leave your site immediately after opening it, it indicates your content is not worth exploring and thus amounted to bad user experience. Besides this, Google has a whole range of indicators to find out and punish the bad content providers. Try your best to deliver right, up to dated content on your sites for better user experience.

Content Marketing Is Equally Important: In today’s digitalized world, better marketing plays a decisive role in ranking up your website. The purpose of marketing is to bring your content to appropriate users. You can accomplish this task by smartly using social media, having the pages linked to by publishing your content on more prestigious sites.


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