8 Ways To Keep Your Startup Positively Aligned

When we say a company or startup is positively aligned it simply means different departments of the same company working together towards common goals. Any successful company/startup has some goals and these goals can only be achieved when all departments of the company work mutually. Some of these goals include growth rate, revenue target, and company’s values. When some of the departments are working towards totally different goals, the company become completely miss-aligned. Coming towards the question, how you can keep your startup positively aligned? By applying below given ways you can keep your startup positively aligned:

Your mission should be your foundation: The number one way to keep your startup aligned is through an easy, memorable, and realistic mission statement. As earlier said, no company can align itself without having an achievable mission to work upon. If you’re unclear about a specific mission of your startup, learn from Facebook, Amazon, and Google mission statements. At the start of a startup, revenue goals and growth plans should be the main missions.

Clearly define your goals & objectives at the top: Defining the goals and objectives of your startup is another important way to keep it aligned. Shaping the mission statement and subsequent goals are not enough, keeping them clear and easy to understand is the most important thing in this regard. This will pave the way to take the timely decision on the top.

Align departmental goals with the company: After defining the goals in the top hierarchy, it is important to expand this understanding towards each departments working in the same company. Each department should be well aware of their responsibilities and for this purpose, each depart should have separate sub-objectives as well.

Translate goals into clearly defined actions: It’s good that you have defined separate goals for each department and now everyone from top to bottom level understands the goals of your startup. But this not enough, it is critical to define what action should each department should take to accomplish these goals.

Repetition is key: It is not enough to ask your team at once to take specific actions to achieve the company’s goals. It is human nature to forget even important things with time. Therefore, set team goals for weekly basis and arrange a meeting on a routine basis to determine whether things are going in the right direction or not. Apply course correction when & where required.

Regularly Review Progress

Regularly review progress: While, it is necessary to clearly define your startup goals and repetition of these goals among the top hierarchy, but all your efforts are futile if don’t review the progress of a regular basis. Set up specific dates, say once or twice in a month or weekly to regularly monitor the progress of your startup.

Daily stand-ups for everyone: Communication is key to success for any startup. Take presentations from core team or employees to find out what they have done in the past week and what they are planning to do in the coming days. All these presentations should take place in a cordial environment.

Celebrate success: Appreciating and celebrating your team success and even rewarding for their extraordinary performance can boost their morale a lot. The best way to celebrate success is by arranging a party or a launch. But at the end of the all, keep focusing on the main goals is important.

To make any startup successful, a lot of hard work from all departments is required. It is really important that company’s goals must be understood by the lowest level employee or every team member. Repetition and keep rememorizing these goals to your team member is an important thing but maintaining cordial and stress-free environment is more important for your cause. Most importantly, setting up realistic goals, fulfilling the expectation of your team members, and celebrate every success can make your cause to achieve these goals relatively easy.



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